5 Examples of Classic & Historic Outdoor Signage in Buffalo

Buffalo’s spirit, character, and heritage can be felt through every street, between its historic architecture to the people and businesses that occupy every building. Even the outdoor signage that adorns every building is connected to the city’s proud history, where the use of electricity and electric signage was pioneered. Thoughtfully designed architectural signs highlight a bright and proud community, making it even more inviting to residents and visitors alike.

Investing in high-quality, locally-fabricated signage solutions, Buffalo-area companies and organizations continue to contribute to community pride and economic development. This article will highlight five signage projects case studies that help beautify Buffalo’s streets while connecting its citizens and its businesses.

OnCore Golf

When innovative golf ball manufacturer OnCore Golf relocated their headquarters to a high-visibility location downtown, they needed striking outdoor signage in Buffalo to match their disruptive brand identity. OnCore's distinctive logo elements were meticulously engineered to achieve this dimensional effect with a commanding 20-foot channel letter display that appears to float boldly off the building's facade.

Outdoor signage is an opportunity for businesses to make their mark on the surrounding community. OnCore Golf's architectural letters command attention while adding a modern flair to the neighborhood. This public projection of a company's identity resonates deeply with employees, customers, and residents alike.

Read the OnCore Golf HQ Signage Case Study


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Electric City

When a group set out to transform Buffalo's historic Tralf Music Hall into a new entertainment venue called Electric City, they wanted eye-catching signage that paid homage to the city's pioneering role in electrification. The resulting sign is a striking multi-dimensional display combining custom 3D lettering with simulated neon illumination. The black and white logo elements vary in depth, creating a bold sense of dimension that projects beautifully from the crowded theater district.

The glowing, modern-yet-classic sign is a beacon honoring the city's luminous past while signaling an exciting future for this venue. Its dynamic lighting is designed to grab attention amid the bustling streets and stand out from the surrounding marquees. By investing in creative outdoor signage in Buffalo, Electric City revitalized an iconic landmark.

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Five Star Equipment (John Deere)

When construction equipment dealer Five Star Equipment relocated their facility to a new site, they needed updated signage that could make a bold brand statement at their location. The centerpiece signage combines dimensional letters, a massive John Deere emblem, and Five Star's distinct logo. This multi-layered, colored aluminum design achieves maximum impact while representing both brands.

To further increase visibility, Five Star's existing 30-foot pylon sign was relocated from their previous site and upgraded with new LED lighting for enhanced brightness and energy efficiency. With these vibrant signage elements integrated into the new building, Five Star Equipment can project a cohesive brand identity that demands attention from the surrounding roadways.

Read the Five Star Equipment Case Study


Five Star Equipment - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Caputi's Sheridan Pub

As the family-owned pub transitioned to the next generation during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Caputi’s faced the dual challenge of retaining its established character while drawing in new customers with its updated offerings, including a new pizzeria.

Using a multifaceted signage strategy, the plan preserved the pub's brand identity, incorporating elements like a custom cabinet sign with push-through acrylic lettering and LED elements that provided a modern, inviting glow. This approach not only honored the pub's heritage but also prominently highlighted its new features, significantly enhancing its curb appeal and visibility in the community.

Read the Caputi's Sheridan Pub Case Study




The Warrior Factory

The Warrior Factory is a growing fitness facility franchise focused on the sport of ninja warrior courses. As they expanded from their original Rochester location into Buffalo, ensuring consistent and impactful branding was critical for both exterior and interior signage. The highlight is the main building sign – a striking, multi-layered display combining precise channel letters and a protruding logo cabinet. This architectural statement piece delivers maximum visibility amid the area's dense retail landscape.

Inside, colorful wall graphics, banners, and wayfinding signs immerse members in the company's vivid branding from the moment they walk through the doors. Every branded touchpoint strengthens the facility's identity and ambiance. Ultimately, The Warrior Factory achieved a consistent brand experience that brightens the Buffalo streetscape.

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Bonus: Enhancing City Skylines

Two of Flexlume’s highest-profile signage installations have made their mark on Buffalo's iconic skyline. The massive channel letter and branded signage installed at the newly-renamed Highmark Stadium for the Buffalo Bills added bold dignity to this revered sports complex. And the towering M&T Bank letters atop the Seneca One building are an unmistakable branded architectural feature visible across the downtown area.

Both of these custom-engineered sign packages have raised the bar for creative yet functional commercial displays that enhance civic beauty. Read more about these ambitious building signage success stories that have improved Buffalo's visual identity.


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Connecting and Projecting Your Business

Every business needs signage to attract customers, mark their location, and project the image of their brand. Offering nationwide service including design, fabrication, and installation, Flexlume is a full-service signage provider that can enhance the architecture and project the brand for any single-site or multi-location business. Contact us today to discuss your next signage project and discover what’s possible.


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