Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs enable companies to incorporate their
logos and type styles naturally into architecture...

Marriott - LECOM Center Channel Letter Sign edit

Natural Logo & Text Integration

You invest substantially to make sure every detail of your brand is impactful, from your logo to your choice of typestyles.  Shouldn't they be properly illustrated wherever your brand is presented? 

Channel letter signage enables just that...your logo and your typestyles illuminated as brightly on your facilities as they are everywhere else, leaving no doubt you're there and ready for business...

Asset 13-8

Custom Shapes & Sizes

Every shape and letter is fabricated to match your artwork proportionately...

Asset 9-8

Custom Colors

Custom paint, acrylic and vinyl to match every color in your palette...

Asset 15-8

Illumination Options

Your choice of LED or other lighting technology for optimal illumination and energy efficiency...

Asset 11-8-1

Mounting Options

Custom raceways or individually mounted letters integrate your sign naturally into the architecture...


The applications for any given type of sign are as limitless as the imagination.
Here are few examples to inspire your creativity.


Please join us in celebrating a few of our customer's success stories.
Imagine how they might apply to the challenges your company is facing.