Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are among the simpler and more cost effective ways of
presenting a brand, adaptable to virtually any mounting option.

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Simple & Effective Messaging

Typically, cabinet signs are a shaped metal frame with an acrylic face capable of presenting virtually any
image or message that can be cut or printed on vinyl.

Versatile, cost-effective, and easy to maintain, cabinet signs can be used as a primary or secondary sign, mounted on a building, pole, pedestal, or ground frame. Make sure to choose top national sign companies, like Flexlume, who can design, manufacture, and install the ideal sign for your needs.

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Any Shape

Square or rectangle, circle or oval, a cabinet sign can be proportioned to suit your message.

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Any Size

From simple indoor cabinets mounted on the wall to large, complex external signs mounted on a pole or building.

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Single or Two-Sized

Adaptable to a broad range of applications which can be lit and visible from one side or two.

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Easy to Update

A simple change of panel, with new graphics and/or color scheme is all it takes to adapt to a new message.


The applications for any given type of sign are as limitless as the imagination.
Here are some examples of our nationwide signage to inspire your creativity.


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