Sign Repair & Maintenance

What good is signage and lighting that is in disrepair?
When a light goes out or a sign erodes over time, sadly so does the brand tied to it.

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Flexlume sign repair and maintenance

Keep Your Brand Shining

Signs, like all things, fade over time. This includes light fixtures, graphics, and electrical components that are constantly exposed to the elements.

While the quality of the components used in a sign have a lot to do with its lifespan, proactive maintenance and regular component checks can keep it shining brightly for many years. When problems do arise, however, it’s important to have national sign maintenance companies like Flexlume who are responsible and reliable, and pay attention to every detail, on speed dial.

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Response Time

Every minute a company's sign is out, it's losing traffic and losing money.

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Not only does the signage have to be reliable, so does the team attending to it.

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Material Quality

The industrial-grade materials are crucial to prevent corrosion or failure of a mount.

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Attention to Detail

Hardware tightened, fixtures sealed and weatherproofed, connections secured.


The applications for any given type of sign are as limitless as the imagination.
Here are some examples of our nationwide signage to inspire your creativity.


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