Brand Managers

A company's brand managers are the custodians of their image,
responsible for everything it stands for and every perception of it.

brand managers discussing logo design

Pain Points

While the artistry and imagery associated with a company's brand may seem "fuzzy" to some people, brand managers understand that every detail leaves a lasting impact, positive or negative.

Signage is about more than just an image or an initial impression. It's about what remains in the mind of a potential customer. Every detail from color to alignment speaks to the company's pride and attention to its own detail. If your company has national corporate signage standards, then you need the expertise of a highly experienced national sign company, like Flexlume, who knows how to handle these crucial concerns.

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Brand Image

Is the image created by signage positive and memorable to all that view it?

Asset 50-8


What impact will the signage have on traffic, either physical or digital?

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Customer Acquisition

Will this solution contribute to our new customer acquisition efforts?

Asset 52-8


Will this investment help to generate additional revenue from new or existing customers?

Nationwide Solutions

The applications for any given type of sign are as limitless as the imagination.
Here are some examples of our nationwide signage to inspire your creativity.

Nationwide Successes

Please join us in celebrating a few of our nationwide customers' success stories.
Imagine how they might apply to the challenges your company is facing.