Custom Signage for Restaurants, Diners, and Cafés

Outdoor restaurant signage increases visibility, establishes trust, and gives people compelling reasons to come inside.

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Understanding Your Restaurant's Needs

The biggest challenge facing restaurants is filling seats. Restaurateurs need to attract new customers and increase the frequency of visits for existing customers.

Installing digital monument signs, channel letter signs, or other exterior signage for restaurants allows owners to highlight promotions and new menu items that will drive more traffic.

At Flexlume, we’ve helped restaurants and other sit-down dining establishments improve their brand awareness and sales by installing custom restaurant signage to directly engage their audience. 

Let us help you:

  • 1Drive more impulse traffic through your door with exterior signage that shows off your specials and promotions.
  • 2Become a beacon in your area with an authoritative restaurant logo sign.
  • 3Improve your advertising impact with efficient commercial lighting for restaurants spotlighting your sign all night long.
  • 4Navigate local zoning regulations so you can have the most prominent and boldest possible restaurant signage.

Our Restaurant Signage in Action

We’ve helped restaurants, diners, cafes and other businesses with their custom signage needs for more than 100 years. Take a look at our proven track record:

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