Commercial Lighting

Especially for high-traffic locations, lighting can be even more important than a brand. Facilities have to be safe and they have to be inviting to not only
their customers but also their staff.

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commercial lighting

Installation, Retrofit & Maintenance

A lighting solution has to do more than provide light.  It has to provide that
light over the right area, at the right intensity, reliably and cost effectively.

There are many choices in lighting, from technology to fixturing. The best solutions weather the harshest environments and provide lighting at the lowest possible energy cost. But even the best solutions do have to be maintained diligently.

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Lighting Technology

Modern LED lighting technology requires careful selection of both lighting components and power supplies, rated for commercial applications.

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To ensure maximum life and uptime, fixtures have to be properly selected based upon their mounting options, fitness for the environment, and more.

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Proper installation of any technology includes the right choice of hardware and attention to mounting and weatherproofing securely.

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Maintenance & Repair

Even long-life lighting must be maintained to check for water penetration or other wear, and to verify that components are within their life cycles.


Few commercial facilities can operate safely and effectively without reliably lit spaces, both interior and exterior.

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