Commercial Pole Signs

Creating brand awareness for your company from near and far.

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Corrigan commercial pole sign

Creating Visibility & Driving Traffic

Pole signs take many forms and fill many roles in creating awareness of a company or its offerings.

From simple signs on the corner of the lot of a small business to a large digital billboard along the side of a major roadway, pole signs create a major presence for a brand, while providing sufficient real estate for more complex messaging and contact information. Companies should work with national sign installation companies like Flexlume to achieve ideal outcomes in design, manufacturing, and installation.

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Height & Size Options

Anything from a few feet off the ground for a small office to a 50' pole on the side of a major roadway.

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Sign Types

Virtually any type of sign can be mounted on a "pole", from a cabinet sign to a digital message center.

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Dedicated or Shared

Ideal for standalone businesses or strip centers with multiple tenants.

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Long-Term Presence

Durable solutions designed to survive the elements reliably for years.


The applications for any given type of sign are as limitless as the imagination.
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