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Electric City

Project Background

We first learned about Electric City in the early summer of 2023 when SaveLive project leader David Rees laid out their plans to turn The Tralf  Music Hall into a vibrant new entertainment venue.  The team at SaveLive was looking to pay homage to not only this historic venue but the history that the City of Buffalo played in the early electrification of America.  Enabled by the substantial amount of power being generated at Niagara falls Buffalo was one of the first cities in America to see widespread use of electric lighting, and eventually signage.  This signage had to not only project the new venue's logo, designed by creative director Edoardo Chavarin, it had to honor that heritage.


Electric City - 3D Sign AssemblyAny sign that goes up in Buffalo's theatre district will face challenges.  It is always a balancing act...between being bold and original enough to stand out from an outstanding crowd to honoring the style and history of the neighborhood, all while appealing to the audience that you hope to attract. 

From a signage perspective, there were a few more challenges to overcome:

  • Creating a sign that projected the brand between buildings in a crowded neighborhood.
  • Maintaining a classic feel while using modern materials and lighting techniques.
  • Creating a 3D effect to provide depth to a simple but elegant black and white logo.
  • Maximizing permissible square footage without becoming overwhelming.




Flexlume chose to combine traditional and modern approaches to this sign.  The sign starts with a custom 3D backer to support the various elements of the Electric City logo.  From there, Flexlume partnered with Kali Sign to develop the custom letters and other logo elements of varying depths with their simulated neon LED illumination technology.

Electric City - Design Packet


All of the components came together quickly and elegantly, and the Electric City signage was hoisted into place in plenty of time for their opening on February 23, 2024.  The signage has since become a beacon to visitors in Buffalo's entertainment district, honoring the region's proud history.


Electric City - 3D Sign Pre-Paint
Electric City - 3D Sign Assembly On Site
Electric City - 3D Sign Staging


Nestled in Buffalo’s bustling Theater District, “Electric City” emerges as a tribute to the city’s luminous history. At 433 Pearl St, it celebrates Buffalo’s legacy as America’s first electrified city, thanks to Nikola Tesla’s brilliance in 1896.  The venue is strategically located among top-tier hotels and exquisite dining establishments.  Electric City aims to be more than just a venue; it’s a beacon where Buffalo’s rich culture and dynamic arts shine bright.