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OnCore Golf

Project Background

The summer of 2021 brought about new headquarters  for up-and-coming golf ball manufacturer OnCore Golf.  This new location, on Elm Street in Buffalo, NY has high visibility from the local interstate highways and is expected to contribute to the local visibility of their brand.  This brand has been carefully cultivated since the company's inception and has resulted in substantial increases in their presence in the golf market, including the adoption of their ball by a number of well-known professional golf tour players.  Their signage had to demonstrate an equivalent level of creativity and quality.

Key Challenges

In addition to presenting and maintaining the brand equity of OnCore Golf, this sign package presented a series of individual challenges:

  • The different elements of the logo and text needed to appear to "float" off the face of a building with an aging brick face that may or may not be painted at some point.

  • The signage was to be mounted 4 stories above the ground, but over an out-building that limited access to the upper face of the building.

  • Cranes and other equipment could not be placed in the parking lot directly under the installation location, making it necessary to reach the location from a high-traffic main street.

Solution Proposed

A 20' wide custom channel letter sign was constructed in Flexlume's manufacturing facility.   The individual logo elements and letters were mounted on two independent raceways to suspend them from the surface of the building and simplify the necessary wiring.  Other elements of the project:

  • The signage raceway was painted to match the expected future color of the building but also complementing it in the short term. 
  • The project was coordinated with the city of Buffalo to provide the necessary cordoning off of the street during the installation. 
  • A 60' telescopic articulating boom lift was used to hoist the sign elements to the installation location and to provide a platform for the installation team to work. 
OnCore Golf - Signage Design Rendering


Because of careful planning and coordination with all involved, from the City of Buffalo to the building owners to the leadership of OnCore Golf, the project went smoothly and efficiently from start to finish, and the signage continues to serve as a beacon across the Buffalo skyline to one of golf's most progressive brands. 

OnCore Golf - Channel Letter Signage Completion
OnCore Golf - Channel Letter Signage Transportation
OnCore Golf - Channel Letter Signage Installation 3
OnCore Golf - Channel Letter Signage Staging
OnCore Golf - Channel Letter Signage Installation 1


OnCore Golf is committed to making golf better – by delivering high performance golf balls for all skill levels, introducing disruptive technologies to help golfers improve their game, and offering unique golf experiences that engage and entertain.

They provide premium high performance golf balls for all skill levels using cutting edge golf technology, allowing thems to be the first to offer a series of perimeter weighted golf ball designs. They are also proud pioneers of their top rated ELIXR, AVANT 55 and VERO X1 golf balls.