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Five Star Equipment Sign Package

Project Background

The Spring of 2020 brought with it the complicated process of moving Five Star Equipment's commercial excavation business to a new location in North Syracuse, NY.  Signage, while a minor component of a major project was no less complicated.  It involved the removal and reinstallation of a 30' pylon sign, which was converted from traditional flourescent lighting to a modern, more energy efficient LED solution.  The new building also required new multi layered, architectural branding signage.

Key Challenges

This project required a great deal of coordination to align with the both general contractor's schedule and the business owner's schedule who had to maximize operating up-time while transitioning to a new facility.  Other specific challenges:

  • All signage had remain consistent with both Five Star's branding standards and John Deere's whose brand they also represent.
  • The existing pylon sign represented a substantial investment which needed to be leveraged to the extent possible.
  • The architectural features of the building required a creative solution to present the brand effectively while being structurally reliable.

Solution Proposed

A variety of signage and services combined to address Five Star's overall requirements, including: 

  • A crane-assisted removal and reinstallation of the pylon sign from the old to the new location.
  • An LED upgrade of the lighting system within the sign to add brightness, longevity and reliability.
  • A custom multi-layered sign including a 7' 1 3/4" square medallion representing the John Deere brand overlayed on a 27' 7" "equipment gold" colored background with individually cut 3D letters for Five Star Equipment.
  • The Five-Star brand was further enhanced by an 88 1/4" tall logo aluminum pan sign with layered colored vinyl representing the various geometric and alpha-numeric elements of their logo. 
5 Star Equipment Building Front Logo Signage Elevation

5 Star Equipment Logo Sign Design


Each of of the various components of this project were delivered on time and on budget, enabling the customer to celebrate the Grand Opening of this new location in the Fall of 2020! 

Five Star Equipment - Building Sign Panorama (1)

Five Star Equipment - LED Conversion 2 (1)

Five Star Equipment - LED Conversion 1 (1)

Five Star Equipment - Pylon Sign 3