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7-Eleven / Speedway Signage Program

Project Background

7-ELeven - Speedway LogosFlexlume has had the privilege of working both 7-Eleven and Speedway for a great many years, before and since Speedway was acquired in early 2021.  Throughout this partnership Flexlume has helped to support all of the companies locations in Western New York and the northeastern U.S., with jobs ranging from complete location rebrands to gas price sign maintenance to all forms of sign repair and service.

Key Challenges

With over 14,000 locations between the 7-Eleven and Speedway brands the challenges are almost infinite, for both the company and their network of service providers.  From the standpoint of supporting their signage program, specific challenges include:

  • Maintaining consistent brand standards across countless variations in location footprint, physical building structure, neighborhood aesthetics, zoning restrictions and more.
  • Regulations regarding gas price signage are varied, but often stringent with substantial penalties for "pricers" that are inoperable or inaccurate, making timely service mission critical. 
  • With one of the most recognizable brands in the world, a quality presentation of that brand in every detail of a facility's signage is not optional.
  • Integration with their vendor/project management systems is crucial to "crossing every T and dotting every I", and making sure each job is executed on the proper timeline and to 7-Eleven's & Speedways standards.


Working with 7-Eleven / Speedway never involves a single solution.  On any given day they might require assistance with:

  • The update of all signage at a given location to align with their current brand standards, which requires a comprehensive interior and exterior sign package, to be installed with minimal disruption to a store that is virtually always open.
  • A sign that has sustained damage from weather or a physical accident of some sort, which may or may not directly impact a location's operations.
  • A digital fuel price sign which has failed, in part or completely, which must be diagnosed and repaired on a timetable which aligns with local state and municipal regulations, and before it impacts location revenue.
  • New products, promotions and other notices which must be displayed promptly and qualitatively to maximize a given location's revenue opportunities. 


In the many years Flexlume has worked with 7-Eleven and Speedway both, there have been countless projects large and small, spread all over the northeastern United States.  The following represent just a few particular projects: 




IMG_0499 7-Eleven - Pylon Sign 3
Speedway - Elma NY