10 Benefits of a Vertically Integrated Sign Manufacturing Company

Every commercial signage installation has its complexities, segmented into several key operational functions:

  • Design, Research, and Planning
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Sign Fabrication
  • Lighting and Electrical
  • Installation

Each functional group is interdependent, so coordination and communication is critical to the success of any sign project. Miscommunication among multiple vendors handling different stages of your branded sign project can result in inconsistent colors, material and/or quality, extended timelines, and increased costs.

A vertically integrated sign company, such as Flexlume, provides a single, reliable partner that streamlines the entire journey, while ensuring consistent quality, efficient timelines, reduced costs, and enhanced brand equity. This comprehensive approach is one reason we stand out among top national sign companies. Read on to discover ten compelling reasons to work with a vertically integrated company.


1. Project Efficiency

One of the key benefits of a vertically integrated company is the significant project efficiency it offers. When you work with separate entities for each phase of your signage project, you're often met with extended timelines and delays. These stem from the need to coordinate among multiple parties, each with their unique schedule and workflow, and the time it takes to communicate between them.

In contrast, a vertically integrated company like Flexlume has all operations under one roof, streamlining the process from design to sign manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. This integration minimizes delays and ensures a faster turnaround for your signage project.


Exterior Logo Sign

2. Cost Savings

Choosing a one-stop solution can lead to significant cost savings. When you work with multiple vendors, each adds their own markup to the services they provide. These individual markups can quickly add up, making your branded signs more costly than necessary.

However, with a vertically integrated company like Flexlume, you bypass these multiple markups. With all-inclusive solutions, we ensure you get the best value for your money, keeping your project as cost effective as possible without compromising quality.


3. Consistent Sign Manufacturing Quality

Commercial signage is a critical piece of almost every company’s branding, so the highest standards are needed for every aspect involved. Different vendors may have different quality standards for materials, fabrication methods, etc., which often lead to inconsistencies in the finished signage. Building your signage from a cohesive plan that consistently adhere to brand standards will significantly boost the overall effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of your signage.

Flexlume maintains stringent quality standards across all phases of your signage project. Our team ensures each phase is executed with an uncompromised commitment to quality, resulting in a superior final product.

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Cabinet Sign at Mavis Discount Tire


4. Seamless Communication

Effective communication is paramount to the success of any project. Working with different vendors often leads to fragmented communication, increasing the chances of misinterpretations or missed details.

A vertically integrated company, however, provides seamless communication throughout the project. At Flexlume, our team collaborates closely and documents all communication, ensuring that every detail is accurately conveyed and executed, leaving no room for gaps.


5. Custom Designed Signage Solutions 

The ability to provide customized solutions is another key advantage of a vertically integrated company. When working with several vendors, any of their limitations, be it design, material selection or fabrication can reduce the total impact on the final product for your branded signs.

At Flexlume, our integration allows us to deliver fully tailored solutions. With a full catalog of sign types, mounting options, and color choices, we can meet if not exceed your branding, vision, and sign fabrication needs.


Ground Sign for a Bank

6. Expert Guidance

Working with a vertically integrated company provides you with expert guidance at every step of your signage project. Each stage comes with its own unique challenges and surprises, and having experts handle each phase minimizes errors and optimizes results.

Flexlume offers seasoned professionals at every stage, from design and sign manufacturing to installation and maintenance. Our team's guidance ensures your project progresses smoothly, meeting your expectations in every department.


7. Reliable Maintenance and Service

Reliable maintenance and service is another significant advantage of a vertically integrated company. Third-party maintenance vendors may not fully understand your sign fabrication requiring documentation and schematics before they can start repairs. These inefficiencies can extend project timelines and increase project costs.

When your branded signs are repaired by the same team that constructed it, you can relax, knowing the maintenance teams already have comprehensive knowledge on your signage, including materials used, construction methods, and electrical wiring. Flexlume’s in-depth knowledge and documentation allows us to detect and fix issues quickly, minimizing disruptions to your business.


Restaurant Sign at Santoras


8. Greater Accountability

Working with a vertically integrated company provides greater accountability. With multiple vendors, it can be difficult to pinpoint responsibility for any issues that arise, or solve those issues expeditiously.

However, when one company handles your project end-to-end, they assume full accountability. At Flexlume, we stand behind our work, providing you with peace of mind, knowing we're responsible for ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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9. Updated Technology

In order for your signage to make use of the latest technology and techniques, everyone involved needs to be aware of them. If some of your vendors aren’t qualified or experienced with certain sign fabrication techniques or installation methods, then you won’t be able to utilize them in your project.

Flexlume, as a vertically integrated company, consistently stays ahead of the curve. Our commitment to innovation means we constantly update our design, sign manufacturing, and installation processes with the latest technology. This approach not only enhances the quality of your signage, but also ensures its longevity and effectiveness.


Exterior sign for a local business


10. Enhanced Brand Equity

For every vendor that you work with, you need to express your brand’s identity, vision, and goals. As you increase the number of vendors, you also increase the risk of clashing ideas and misunderstandings that will negatively impact your brand representation.

As a single partner, Flexlume’s integrated approach allows us to understand your brand deeply and reflect its unique identity in every sign we create. By accurately displaying your company’s value and quality through branded signs, we strengthen your brand presence and resonance with your target audience.


Flexlume: Your Vertically Integrated Partner in Signage Fabrication

With more than a century of experience, Flexlume has honed its expertise across all facets of commercial signage at a national scale. Our seamless integration of design, sign manufacturing, installation, and maintenance makes us an ideal partner for your signage needs. We thrive on crafting custom signage solutions that not only reflect but also elevate your brand.

With Flexlume, you will enjoy all the benefits of a vertically integrated service while experiencing our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We're not just about sign manufacturing; we're about crafting visible expressions of your brand's unique identity. Connect with us today, and let's illuminate your brand together.


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