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Jadablitz Fitness

See a time-lapse installation of the installation for the Jadablitz Fitness rebrand and expansion

LOCATION: 4685 Transit Road Buffalo, NY 14221

IMPRESSIONS & EXPOSURE The one-way daily traffic for your location is: 15,278 vehicles. Total number of impressions = 31,456/ day If we estimate that every vehicle has only one individual in the vehicle, and only 60% of the potential drivers view the sign, the minimum amount of impressions is used to reflect the adjusted number of impressions per day which equals = 18,874/day

  1. Estimated lifespan of sign (YEARS) Estimated Total Cost of Number of impressions/month *Adjusted number of impressions/month 15 $26,000 943,680 566,220

$ 0.15 Cost per 1000 impressions $ 0.26 **Adjusted cost per 1000 impressions

IMG_20191015_171958 (1)