Simplifying Large-Scale Signage Services and Projects

For most business owners, their commercial signage is a serious investment that makes a significant impact on the present and future of their business. Commercial signage serves multiple roles and purposes. It helps people find the location and delivers crucial information.

Beyond the functional benefits, commercial signs convey brand image and quality. When people see a quality sign in front of a business, they unconsciously assume the entire business is of equal quality.  Consequently, how well that signage is constructed and maintained can dramatically enhance or limit brand equity.


Using an Integrated Signage Service Provider for Maximizing Efficiency

As signage projects grow in scale or complexity, business owners or site managers find that vertical integration is a tremendous advantage. Every critical process is handled by a single source, including design, fabrication, permit acquisition, installation, and maintenance. With all departments unified under one roof, signage projects see several significant benefits compared to working with multiple firms:


Streamlined Communication

An integrated structure facilitates easy and swift communication across departments, effectively eliminating the conflicts or delays that often arise when multiple firms are involved in different stages of a project. Beyond that, this streamlined process enhances the accuracy and quality of the final product.


Cost Efficiency

When working with a single firm, businesses generally pay less for every aspect of the project . Additionally, the swift communication and overall team mentality results in fewer hours spent at each stage, ensuring the end result will maximize impact and minimize cost.


Flexibility and Scalability

Companies that offer vertically integrated signage services are most capable of meeting the unique needs of any project, whether that means the complete overhaul of a single headquarters or installing new signage at multiple locations nationwide.




Maintaining Brand Standards from Start to Finish

Brand managers know that brand consistency is not just a goal; it's a necessity. That’s why they choose to work with signage manufacturers that go the extra mile to make a signage project come alive.

Working with a full-service commercial sign producer, clients have a single point of contact throughout their project's timeline. The project manager takes time to listen deeply and ask critical questions and builds a full plan of action from the beginning of the project.

In an ideal situation, every detail is meticulously checked so that they align with brand guidelines. This attention guarantees the final product not only meets expectations but also enhances the brand's visibility and impact.

Once the project plan is fully understood and agreed upon, every subsequent step is taken with clear, shared goals. This cohesive approach safeguards against errors that are common when working with multiple agencies, such as miscommunication between departments or a clash in project vision. 


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The process of installing signs at new locations is far more complex than just putting a sign in place. A range of signage services are required to cover all of the logistics involved so that every installation is legal, safe, and smooth.

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Research and Compliance

Long before installation begins, comprehensive research goes into the zoning laws specific to the installation site. Local ordinances may affect maximum size or brightness, for example, which is crucial to know in the planning stages.


Permit Acquisition

Acquiring all necessary licenses or permits can be a cumbersome process, involving paperwork and coordination with local authorities. Firms that take a proactive approach bring the peace of mind that all regulatory bases are covered in advance so that the installation can begin without delay.


Installation Expertise

The best commercial sign companies have experienced installation teams that are prepared for even the most complex signage projects. Beyond the basics of mounting hardware, lighting, and electrical connections, they have access to heavy construction equipment such as bucket lifts or cranes if that’s what the project needs.


Police Supervision

In instances where signage services impact public spaces, such as sidewalks or streets, Full-service signage companies coordinate with local police or city workers to ensure the safety of both the public and our installation crew. This coordination may involve cordoning off areas or rerouting traffic to maintain safety and compliance during the installation process.


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Ongoing Maintenance and Repair

The longevity and performance of commercial signage significantly depends on regular maintenance and prompt repair. Technicians should conduct regular inspections, focusing on the hardware, mounting structure, lights, and electrical components. This proactive approach increases safety and sign longevity, which also maximizes the ROI of the signs over time.

When repairs are needed, it’s always best to respond quickly and efficiently, minimizing any downtime for company signage and the surrounding areas. 

Many businesses prefer to work with sign manufacturers that also offer maintenance and repair among their signage services. The company that made the signs knows everything about them, such as how it was fabricated, and what techniques were used for installation. As the ultimate experts of that signage, they are best able to look for issues and repair any damage swiftly.


Elevating Your Signage Experience with Flexlume

Flexlume stands out in the industry by offering unparalleled white-glove service through every phase of signage projects. Our full vertical integration, commitment to maintaining brand standards, and attention to detail ensure that every signage project is expertly executed.

With more than 115 years of experience and a national reach, Flexlume is uniquely positioned to handle signage projects of any scale. Our goal is to alleviate the burden of signage project management from our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business while we ensure their brand is represented accurately and vibrantly in the physical world.

Contact Flexlume today to learn how our team can simplify your signage rollout with top-tier results.



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