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Buffalo Bison's Sahlen Field Re-Brand

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Large scale rebrand projects are one of our specialties and working with the Buffalo bisons on this project made it very easy to execute.

The original scope of the project involved:

  • Removing all of the previous Coca-Cola signage

  • fabricating and installing five large exterior signs by routing and painting 1/8” aluminum sheets with applied vinyl to display the new Sahlen field logo along with the Sahlen field pin letters below the press box. 

  • Removing, painting, reinstalling the home of the bisons letters above the scoreboard and Installing a printed wire mesh in the scoreboard area.

Scope of work 

  • 12'h x 17.14'w using 1/8" aluminum to be located at the two ends of the ballpark with no lighting and using the diamond-shaped logo

  • 14'h x 20'w using 1/8" aluminum to be mounted on the back of the scoreboard with no lighting and using the diamond shaped logo

  • 21' x 11.5' perforated printed mesh on front of the scoreboard with "Coca-Cola Field" in an arch using Coca-Cola Script

  • 15'hx21.42'w using 1/8" aluminum and 2” to be mounted to the metal beams over the Washington and Swan Street Gates with no lighting and using the diamond-shaped logo.

  • Located at the front of the ballpark with "Coca-Cola Field" in an arch using Coca-Cola Script using 1/8" aluminum (size estimated at 3'h)

  • Located underneath the press box with "Coca-Cola Field" in an arch using Coca-Cola Script using 1/8" aluminum (size estimated at 3'h)

  • Reinforcement of 2x2 steel posts providing back support located in the scoreboard area.

  • Installation of (8) new signs to go around the ballpark

The most difficult task of this project was to design, fabricate, install the dugout top for the home in the way teams within A 40 day window. I side with the re-branding from Coca-Cola to Sahlen field. The problem that the bisons incurred with the previous dug out tops was the fading and peeling on a regular basis. We decided instead of going with a traditional wrap, we would use aluminum sheets with vinyl decals to display the artwork, finished with a final laminate application to slow the aging process. This gave the dug out tops a sharp look and protection From fading when the sun is shining down on it for extended periods of time.


“Working with signage on a day to day basis, the "proofs" or "mockups" are typically better than the actual sign when it's done. Flexlume's signs exceeded expectations and will be our main partner when it comes to major signage at Sahlen Field.”

Anthony Sprague, Assistant GM Buffalo Bisons