Channel Letter Sign Repair: When to Call the Professionals

Business owners love the attention-grabbing power of channel letter signs, which explains why they’re so prolific. Like any kind of sign, though, their looks or structure will fade over time, and channel letter sign repair will be required. In this blog, we’ll look at different types of routine maintenance, and how they can be addressed safely and effectively.


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Understanding Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are custom-made signs that feature large, 3-dimensional letters and symbols. They are often illuminated internally, with light shining through an acrylic face. You can read our in-depth articles on channel letter sign installation and total project pricing to learn more about channel letter signs and their construction options.

When it comes to channel letter sign repairs, the most important understanding is that signs are always “on”. Sure, you can turn the lights off, but your sign is always out in the world, exposed to harsh sunlight, rain storms, blizzards, or droughts. Wear and tear are guaranteed over a long timeframe, so let’s get familiar with common channel letter sign maintenance needs.


Routine Maintenance for Channel Letter Signs

The best way to avoid the headaches and expenses of sign repairs is to start with well-made signage. Choose a sign company with a proven track record like Flexlume, which stands behind the structural integrity and visual quality of their work. Although channel letter signs are not prone to problems, it’s important to know what to look for.



Lighting malfunctions can range from minor issues like erratic, flickering lights, to more serious cases like entire sections of the sign going dark. These different situations can have different possible sources, including power supply fluctuations, faulty wiring, or burnt-out bulbs, tubes or LEDs.

Structural Damage

External forces like traffic accidents, or falling trees can result in physical damage to the sign or its mounting hardware. Minor structural damage would include barely visible dents, while the most severe distortions would compromise the sign's structural integrity.

Color Fading

Over time, exposure to the elements can cause the color of your channel letter sign to fade. This detracts from the sign's aesthetic appeal and reduces its effectiveness in drawing attention to your business. Faded signs with your company name or logo essentially present your brand as old and faded.

Weather-Related Damage

Harsh weather conditions such as high winds, snow, or heavy rainfall can cause issues like water damage, corrosion, or loosened components. Keep in mind that well-made signs are designed to survive the weather season after season; weather-related damage generally doesn’t appear for several years.


Channel letter sign repair


Troubleshooting Channel Letter Sign Repairs

Before you can fix an issue, you need to diagnose it correctly. Flexlume's experienced technicians can help you identify and rectify these common maintenance needs, among many others:


Diagnosing Lighting Concerns

A thorough inspection of the sign's electrical components can help pinpoint the source of lighting issues safely. Properly diagnosing the issue can shorten repair times and reduce expenses.

Inspecting for Structural Damage

If any indicators of structural damage are visible to the naked eye, a professional inspection is strongly recommended to get a full analysis. Minor issues may not require immediate repairs, but they can be tracked over time to see if they remain the same or get worse.

Identifying Color Fading

Even with the best-in-the-industry weather resistant paint (guaranteed for 10 years), every color will eventually fade. Periodically inspect painted, acrylic, and vinyl components for signs of fading. One simple test is to look for parts of the sign that get different amounts of sun exposure, and compare the colors. If the part with more sun exposure is noticeably lighter, it may be time for a new coat of paint or fresh acrylic faces.

Assessing Weather-Related Damage

After a strong storm, it's good practice to examine your outdoor signs. You should only need to look for major, obvious problems like broken or missing faces, or malfunctioning lights. If there’s no immediately visible problems, then you can trust that your sign has brushed off the storm like it was supposed to.


Channel letter sign repair on a logo sign


Solutions for Common Channel Letter Sign Concerns

If your channel letter sign starts showing issues, swift action can help ensure longevity and continued brand visibility.


Fixing Lighting

Lighting problems in channel letter signs often stem from burnt-out bulbs, faulty wiring, or power supply disruptions. For optimal performance, consider switching to energy-efficient LED components which not only shine brighter but also save energy and last longer. You can replace bulbs yourself, ensuring you choose the correct type for your sign. However, if you suspect wiring issues or are unsure about the power supply's functionality, it's essential to consult with a professional. Flexlume’s electrical crew is ready to get started.

Repairing Structural Damage

If you notice minor rust on the frame, you can treat it using rust removers available in most hardware stores. Acrylic faceplates may need occasional buffing to bring back their pristine shine. However, if there's significant corrosion to the frame or extensive cracks in the faceplate, it's advisable to reach out to a sign technician. Their expertise will ensure the structural integrity and appearance of your sign remain uncompromised.

Restoring Faded Colors

Over time, environmental factors like UV rays can fade your sign's vibrant colors. While minor touch-ups with UV-resistant paints can be a DIY task, ensuring a uniform and professional finish might require expert hands. If the sign's acrylic has discolored considerably, replacing it with a high-quality, fade-resistant variant is best entrusted to professionals to ensure a seamless fit and finish.

Addressing Weather-Related Damage

It might be simple enough to tighten any loose hardware that was rattling through the storm. However, if you notice dents, cracks, or other significant damage, especially those that might compromise the waterproofing of the sign, call a professional maintenance team. They will have the necessary tools and expertise to restore your sign to its original glory.


Vertical channel letter sign repair


Preventive Maintenance for Channel Letter Signs

Regular maintenance is the key to prevent catastrophe. Pay attention to your signage and look for any eye-catching changes. Take photos when your signs are first installed, so you can always compare how they appear at present to how they looked on Day 1.

Even without visual damage, it’s wise to schedule routine inspections with a professional service, like Flexlume, that can catch problems before they make a negative impact on your business.


Start Your Sign Repairs Today

If your commercial signage currently has visible damage or fading, then your brand image is damaged and fading too. It’s very easy to put off sign repairs until later, but it’s a risky proposition. The longer you postpone channel letter sign repair, the more problems will accumulate. For example, ignoring rust long enough can lead to entire frameworks collapsing.

Whether you need a preliminary examination or bespoke signage repairs, the expert team at Flexlume is ready to come to your location and get the process started. Reach out to us today and let us know your needs.


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