Brighten Your Business: How to Winterize Your LED Commercial Lighting

As winter approaches and the daylight dwindles, the visibility and performance of your LED commercial lighting take center stage. For businesses, vibrant signage is not just a marker of location, but a beacon of brand identity and a critical element for safety.  In this guide, we'll explore the importance of preparing your signage and lighting for the winter months and how commercial lighting maintenance companies like Flexlume can help illuminate your path to continued business success.

Illuminate Your Brand: The Critical Role of Winter Lighting

LED sign lighting does far more than just make the sign readable. It offers a host of benefits, including both convenience and security:


Navigation and Wayfinding

During the long winter nights, a well-lit sign is a guiding star for your customers. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about enabling patrons to find your establishment with ease, even from a distance. When your signage cuts through the low-visibility conditions, it ensures your business is not just seen but also inviting.

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Illuminated signs serve a dual purpose: they guide and protect. The lighting from large enough signage can illuminate nearby sidewalks and entryways, minimizing the risk of accidents and enhancing security. With LED commercial lighting, you create a safe harbor for your customers against the night's uncertainty.

For establishments that have parking lots, consider all of the lighting fixtures there as part of your winter check. These are equally crucial for customer safety.

Brand Equity and Perceived Value

In the winter months, your signage is effectively in "night mode" for longer periods, potentially making it the default view of your brand. A single burnt-out bulb can significantly tarnish the perceived quality and care you invest in your business. Consistent, bright lighting is synonymous with a company that values its appearance and, by extension, its customers.


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Signage Health Check: Preparing Your Business for Winter Nights with LED Commercial Lighting

Inspecting your LED sign lighting is only the beginning to be truly prepared for the cold, dark months. Here are several checks that anyone can perform without specific expertise of commercial lighting maintenance companies:


The easiest problem to see is burned out bulbs or LED strips, which will need to be replaced. However, it’s also important to check for dim lights. One section of a sign might not be as bright as others. If your sign uses lights that change color, ensure that all of the colors you use are equally luminous.

Pro Tip: LED lights that can make any color use a combination of red, green, and blue diodes (RGB). If you notice any dimming, you can set the color to all red and look for burned out red diodes, then do the same for the greens and blues.

Visibility Obstructions

When the lights shine through your sign, they sometimes spotlight other issues. Check for any dirt, leaves, or other debris that may be stuck on or inside your sign – they can create dark spots or silhouettes, especially for internally illuminated signs.

Similarly, look for dead insects, cobwebs, or bird nests, which can also become glaringly visible at night when illuminated. These draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Winter-Specific Maintenance

Preparing for winter also means addressing any structural concerns. Inspect your signage for rust, cracked casings, or other damage that could be exacerbated by cold weather. This is also the perfect time to consider any winter-specific maintenance checks that could prevent emergencies during the colder, harsher months. You can read about this in more depth in our recent article on winter sign damage.


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Bright Solutions: Flexlume's Expert Approach to Winter Lighting Woes

Although you don’t need to be a signage expert to discover some of these lighting and signage issues, it’s strongly encouraged to bring in a commercial lighting maintenance company for a professional inspection. They have a more thorough checklist, and they will be better able to diagnose the sources of any problems, particularly with electrical issues.

Flexlume offers vertically integrated services for commercial lighting and signage, including design, construction, permits, installation, and service. Our team of experts can evaluate your signs and lights for their winter readiness. Reach out today so you can knock out any repairs or upgrades as needed, and bring the radiance back to your brand.


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