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L&M Wealth Management

Project Background

In 2019, L&M began the process of rebranding changing the name of the firm from L&M Financial to L&M Wealth Management.  This effort involved a complete update of the company's company color palette and logo, necessitating an update of all marketing materials and signage.  The start of this effort saw the the old building sign removed at the beginning of the pandemic, leaving the facade devoid of signage for 2 years.

Key Challenges

While L&M had survived for some time without signage on their building, there was still a sense of urgency coming out of the pandemic to accelerate the promotion of the firm's new brand.   Additionally:

  • The owners wanted something unique, that presented their new logo in a manner that was  bold, appealing and inviting, yet was not "over the top".

  • The signage needed to be compelling and visible during both the day and at night.

  • The owners wanted a solution that had a low profile, that didn't project substantially off of the building.

Solution Proposed

The solution proposed leveraged Kalisign's new Slimtek-S system which provides a unique halo-lighting effect for both lettering and shapes.  This system provided an ideal platform to accomplish the client's objectives:

  • The necessary letters and shapes were constructed and finished in L&M's fonts and color palette to complete the overall 152" wide by 51 1/2" tall signage, maximizing the space available on the entryway facade. 
  • The sign letters and shapes were mounted to the building facade using 1" standoffs to provide enough clearance for the halo lighting to spread in an impactful way. 
  • Power was supplied to the individual letters and shape through the building's facade invisibly to power the sign's lighting 
Flexlume Sign - L&M Wealth Management - Sign Rendering e


The Kalisign system worked perfectly to provide a compelling presentation of the firm's new branding in a slim and sleek way.  The lighting effects combine to create not only an accurate representation of the brand day and night, but do so in a way that enhances the overall brand! 

L&M Wealth Management - Halo Lit Kali Letters - Day Time
L&M Wealth Management - Halo Lit Kali Letters - Night Time
L&M Wealth Management - Full Sign Package - Night Time


"Very nice everyone!

I want to add how impressed I was with the two gentlemen crew you sent here yesterday. They were approachable, positive, found work arounds for the obstacles they encountered and worked diligently. Assets to your company for sure. I wish some of the other outside companies we work with were half as good as your crew and your sales/design team have been.

Richard Kohl - VP, Business Operations, L&M Wealth Management

L&M Wealth Management is a family owned and run financial advisory firm that has been providing financial planning to thousands of people across New York State since 1972. At L&M, we don’t view what we do as simply managing money – we build relationships and continue to grow our business through honesty, integrity, and hard work. We show up every day thinking about ways we can serve our clients better. Our goal is to become the only financial advisor our clients ever need by delivering the highest quality advice and service.