3 Main Components of Custom Signage Solutions

Talking about  custom signage solutions can be confusing at the start because there are so many different kinds of signs. You may hear about channel letter signs, monument signs, LED signs, etc. and those are just a few of the available types of signs. But actually, you could have one sign that is all three. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain three of the core aspects of commercial signage - mounting, display, illumination - and some of your options in each of those categories. By the end of this article, you’ll have a much fuller understanding of your options for custom signage solutions.


Table of Contents:


Display Type

Perhaps the most important component of branding and custom signage solutions is the type of display. A sign’s message can be as simple as the name of your business, or it can include a wealth of information like the tenants in a shopping mall or the current specials at a restaurant. The type of messaging you need will affect which display type is best suited for your needs. Here are a few of the most common display types for custom signage solutions:


Electronic Message Centers

Also known as digital message centers, these LED displays offer dynamic messaging, including animation and sequenced static images. With full customizability, you can decide the size, resolution, number of colors, and brightness. Outdoor digital signage displays are instantly updated with the latest promotions and news, giving people compelling reasons to choose your business.


Channel Letters

These three-dimensional letters have hollow channels that are filled with lights for a front-lit or back-lit effect. Channel letter signs can be completely customized in size, color, and font. The message can’t be updated easily, so channel letters work best for a permanent sign like a business name and logo.


Cabinet Signs

These internally-lit signs shine through an acrylic faceplate for visibility through the night. One display method is to cut out letters from a vinyl sheet and drape it over the faceplate. Updating the message is as simple as a new vinyl cutout sheet. Alternatively, custom faceplates allow complex patterns and multicolor images. Although these signs can be updated, it would require a whole new faceplate.


Cabinet Sign by Flexlume


Mounting Method

Custom business signage can go basically anywhere, though they will need different mounting hardware depending on where they go. Whether you want your sign low or high, inside or outside, different mounting solutions are available. Generally speaking, any display type can work with any mounting method.


Monument Signs

Also known as ground signs this mounting method brings messaging to eye-level, such as displaying the name and address of a business, or the several tenants in an office building. Monument signs can be made of brick, stone, concrete, or metals, blending into the landscape and becoming a familiar landmark.


Pole and Pylon Signs

Putting your sign on top of a large pole will turn your messaging into a beacon in the sky. Pole signs can be seen from further away, helping with navigation and giving drivers enough time to act on your message. These installations raise your custom business signage anywhere from 5 to 100 feet in the air.


Wall Mounting

While monument and pylon signs require a freestanding structure, wall mounting puts your display directly on your building. Most interior signage is also wall-mounted. When displays are larger or heavier than normal, they may be mounted onto a backer board, which is more easily mounted to the wall.


Monumnet Sign by Flexlume


Lighting and Illumination

Signs have no value if people can’t see them, so illumination must be considered when designing custom signage solutions. One method is external illumination - using LED commercial lighting fixtures to shine onto the sign display. More often, signs are internally lit with one of these sources:


LED Light Strips

With commercial grade LEDs, you have control over the color spectrum. Match RGB lighting with your corporate colors, or use classic white lighting for a clean, modern look. These lights also have adjustable brightness so your sign stays visible, but not blinding.


LED Bulbs

Some businesses opt for bulb-based LED commercial lighting fixtures instead of strips. This can be used for aesthetic effect, and still retain the energy-saving properties of top-grade LED technology.


“Neon” Lights

The classic look of Americana is still going strong. Neon lights come in many distinctive colors, although few today actually use neon gas. Simulated neon LED signage has become a standard for a classic aesthetic, standing out among all other signs in sight.


Getting Started on Custom Signage Solutions

By seeing commercial signage in terms of display, mounting, and lighting options, it can be much easier to envision the perfect custom signage solution for your business.  Of course, this is only one part of the whole process from design to installation. If you’re interested in getting started or learning how Flexlume can improve your branding and signage, you can reach out to us today.


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